I'm Looking For My First Job!

Transitioning from student to employee isn't easy

About Human Search Engine (HSE)

Did you know that, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 80% of students in the U.S. change their major at least once?

We can help you determine how to use whatever degree you earned to find the job that you are meant to have.

We get so many requests from soon-to-be or recent college graduates (and their parents!) for help figuring out how to find a rewarding job they enjoy.

Many don’t know where to start, many lack confidence and experience – whatever your concerns are, the Human Search Engine Process will help you figure them out.

Just starting out? We can help…

Our Job Search Products


Almost as good as being coached by Chris individually! Our online course includes everything his clients receive and more for a fraction of the cost.


Digital delivery, complete modules at your own pace

Entertaining videos, training and worksheets included

Weekly webinars with other participants, led by Chris to add to your coaching and answer your questions

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HSE For Serious Job Seekers E-Book

You can now download the same workbook we sell on Amazon straight to your device!


Instant download to your choice of device

PDF's you can download separately (and soon fill in to keep everything digital if you like!)

Helpful links to our other resources

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One-On-One Coaching With Chris

A great opportunity to get help straight from the expert! Chris will spend time focused on you and your unique situation.


Individual attention from the Job Search Expert

The opportunity to get your unique questions answered

The ability to send in your questions in advance so Chris can spend the time with you solely focused on getting you results

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HSE For Serious Job Seekers Workbook

The workbook you can take with you everywhere! You can purchase it from Amazon by clicking the link below.


Your own personal copy of the famous workbook

A spiral bound edition for ease of use - take notes, mark it up, make it yours

Shipped to you (or someone you love) straight from the author!

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Human Search Engine Products

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