I Feel Invisible!

Not getting responses from HR is a common complaint...

About Human Search Engine (HSE)

The Human Search Engine career search process takes the fear out of job search by putting you in charge every step of the way. Whether you used to be a mid-level manager, skilled tradesman, recent college graduate, astronaut or circus clown, the HSE® process will work for you.

And HR? Well, the problem with what we call "reactive job search" is you end up applying for jobs you don't know much about, at organizations you don't know, to people who you have never met - so is it any surprise? It's not your fault, it's just the "old way" of doing it - and you'll be happy to know that the HSE process avoids HR as much as possible!

You'll be performing "Proactive Job Search" - which means you'll be talking about jobs that haven't even been listed yet!

We’ve created, tweaked and tested this process with thousands of job seekers over 15 years – if you’re willing to do the work (really, you have to do the work) you will find yourself in the job you were meant to be in. Our process is currently available as an e-book and workbook you can complete on your own and an online course you can take that includes weekly group webinars with Chris.

There are also occasionally some limited opportunity to work with Chris one-on-one. You will be led step-by-step through a process that will teach you how to figure out who you are, what skills you have that you enjoy and can get paid to do, how to network properly – all with assignments and scripts.

Additionally, there is information for your support group on how best way to help you and even a module about all the mistakes you will make along the way!

Our Job Search Products


Almost as good as being coached by Chris individually! Our online course includes everything his clients receive and more for a fraction of the cost.


Digital delivery, complete modules at your own pace

Entertaining videos, training and worksheets included

Weekly webinars with other participants, led by Chris to add to your coaching and answer your questions

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HSE For Serious Job Seekers E-Book

You can now download the same workbook we sell on Amazon straight to your device!


Instant download to your choice of device

PDF's you can download separately (and soon fill in to keep everything digital if you like!)

Helpful links to our other resources

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One-On-One Coaching With Chris

A great opportunity to get help straight from the expert! Chris will spend time focused on you and your unique situation.


Individual attention from the Job Search Expert

The opportunity to get your unique questions answered

The ability to send in your questions in advance so Chris can spend the time with you solely focused on getting you results

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HSE For Serious Job Seekers Workbook

The workbook you can take with you everywhere! You can purchase it from Amazon by clicking the link below.


Your own personal copy of the famous workbook

A spiral bound edition for ease of use - take notes, mark it up, make it yours

Shipped to you (or someone you love) straight from the author!

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