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Whether you’re a mid-level manager, skilled tradesman, recent college graduate, astronaut or circus clown, the HSE® process will work for you.
We’ve created, tweaked and tested this process with thousands of job seekers over 12 years – if you’re willing to do the work (really, you have to do the work) you will find yourself in the job you were meant to be in.
Our process is currently available as a workbook you can complete on your own or as an individual client and work with Chris Czarnik one-on-one. You will be led step-by-step through 15 chapters that will teach you how to figure out who you are, what skills you have that you enjoy and can get paid to do, how to network properly – all with assignments and scripts. Additionally, you there is information for your support group on how best to help you and even a chapter about all the mistakes you will make along the way!
Our expansion plans include online courses that you can choose to complete on your own or with a group and boot camps in more areas across the country.

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