Our process was born from the seeds of Chris' work in the executive outplacement world. From there, he created a truly step-by-step process that helps every individual find the best job fit. Think "Seven Habits" - because it's a process and not a product, every individual has different inputs, so everyone gets an individualized output!


HSE For Job Seekers Online Course

This is a short version of our Welcome Video from the course. It will give you some idea of Chris' teaching style and experience.

Highlights of the Course

Process works for employees of all levels

Each employee will get an individualized result

Proven process with a long track record


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Internal Career Mapping

Our new employee development tool helps organizations attract, engage and retain employees - and win the war for talent!


Digitally delivered

Employees control the process - and the outcome

Builds relationships across silos

Soft skills and communication skills are learned and practiced

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Live Consulting and Training

This is a short example of Chris at a speaking event. He has delivered hundreds of presentations across the country from National Conferences to small groups.


High energy, entertaining presentation style

High energy, entertaining presentation style

Ability to customize presentations and training to meet your needs

Consulting for attraction, engagement and retention issues available

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