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Or This:

(Well…this is actually a Green Bay Packer football game…so maybe not exactly like this!)
Bio Coming Soon…Chris is known around the country as a dynamic, tough and humorous presenter on the topics of Job Search and Leadership.

Chris Delivers:

  • Keynotes

    Chris is sought out to deliver dynamic, raw and funny keynotes to educate and inspire conference and meeting attendees.

  • Educational Presentations

    Chris has 12 years of experience speaking at colleges and organizations, delivering timely and entertaining information to staff and students.

  • Training

    Chris delivers tough, humorous and information-packed training on job search and leadership.

Examples of His Most Popular Presentations:

Do you know what flux in the job market means? It’s standard events that precipitate the need for people with particular skills or abilities. Being able to identify the “flux” that take place right before someone needs YOU can make the difference between a ho-hum daily grind and a job you love!

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