Workforce Development

“Many books have been written about the career search, but none of them that I have read has focused on an organized step-by-step approach until this one.”Congressman Reid Ribble, US House of Representatives

Workforce Development organizations face challenges and requirements.
We have evidence-based solutions for those challenges and requirements that deliver results!


  • You Need a Process for Clients and Staff to Follow

    You have too many tools to choose from and no linear process for clients to apply the tools to their career path.

  • Staff is Overwhelmed

    You have overwhelmed workforce professionals serving a large client base, all with expectations of personalized job placement services.

  • New Requirements

    You have new requirements and you need an innovative partner to assist you in meeting those requirements.

  • Clients Need Life Skills

    Your clients don’t just need tools and search engines, they need life skills and soft skills to increase retention after they have found employment.

  • Clients Aren't Responsible

    Your clients need to be involved and invested from intake through employment.


Human Search Engine is an evidence-based curriculum that has been developed over 12 years and proven to be successful with thousands of job seekers.

We have created a dynamic two-phased system to address WIOA requirements and the diverse needs of your specific target population.

Phase 1: Train-The-Trainer Program

We come to you and train workforce professionals to be Human Search Engine Certified Coaches so they are able to:

  • Thoroughly understand the curriculum, reasons behind the exercises and homework, mistakes/complaints job seekers will make and how to overcome them.
  • Utilize the curriculum at intake to create buy-in and personal responsibility for the job seeker.
  • Coach job seekers through our HSE Career Search curriculum where the jobseeker is 100% responsible for results.
  • Create opportunities for efficiencies such as weekly job search classes (using our process).
  • Offer advanced guidance for professional level job seekers.
  • Complete education on implementation of curriculum with job seekers (Phase 2).
  • Market the curriculum using education and materials we provide.

Phase 2: Online Curriculum for Job Seekers

Certified Coaches implement the curriculum by guiding job seekers through our online delivery mechanism where they:

  • Create their own Individualized Employment Plan.
  • Utilize tools and information already available to define who they are and where they are going, research their findings, market themselves appropriately and in a way that top level executives have been using for decades.
  • Become 100% responsible for every outcome – the system guides them through homework that they can store and share with their coach and support system.
  • Gain market knowledge first-hand through proper networking with the local business community.
  • Learn to share outcomes from their homework and evaluate needed adjustments.


After working with thousands of people as individual clients, through college/university career centers and workforce development organizations, here are some of the benefits we’ve learned the Human Search Engine Process provides:

Our evidence shows that about 85% of job seekers complete the curriculum.

100% of job seekers that complete all the work in our program gain employment, with a 90% retention rate.

Our process builds confidence, professional skills and excitement as the job seeker researches and discovers solutions to their own issues and needs.

From the beginning, workforce professionals and the job seeker will co-create an Individualized Employment Plan that allows the client to track their own progress,make adjustments and update their plan as they meet milestones.

Workforce professionals that use our system experience less burnout.

Our process relieves pressure from workforce professionals by creating shared responsibility. There are clear expectations and boundaries built into the process for both the workforce professional and the job seeker.

Our train-the-trainer model offers workforce professionals continuing education, support and re-certification to assist them with continuous professional growth and advancement.

Our current programs are specifically designed for job seekers that typically command higher level salaries, which can directly impact median income data for an organization.

Performance measures for client progress are simple to track.

Individualized Employment Plans are simple to create and update on a weekly basis.

The marketing training included in our program assists organizations with community outreach to
create a greater support system as well as develop relationships that help them stay ahead of employer’s needs.