HSE for YOUTH is more than a program – it’s an exciting NEW MODEL that creates opportunities for your entire community!

Student Curriculum

Our student-driven step-by-step approach guides students through the process of finding out who they are, where they fit and who values their interests. We sprinkle in soft skills, emotional intelligence and communication training. Students end the program with an individualized career plan for after school!

Certification Program

Our train-the-trainer program is a five day, intense training that teaches new HSE Coaches how to guide students through the process. Ongoing education and support gives Coaches the confidence that they are on the leading edge of student career planning. Applications for our June cohort are being accepted.

Community Program

Our Community Program gives you the tools to involve everyone from single community members to large businesses. Everyone has something to offer – whether it’s volunteering to have an informational meeting with a student to providing mentoring, job-shadow or internship opportunities.


Our Post-Secondary program gives you the information and materials you need to connect with, strengthen and grow relationships with educational institutions in your area. We also show you how to connect local businesses and their training needs to these organizations to create new training opportunities.

How Does it Work? We Will:

deliver online student curriculum

train, certify and support staff
provide community building program
Provide program management training

Frequently Asked Questions

Our student curriculum has been co-created with staff, students and administration that is really using it at one of the largest high schools in Wisconsin. We used the process involved in our job search curriculum for adults and reverse-engineered it for students to prevent the mistakes we have worked with thousands of adults to overcome.

We created the student curriculum to assist ALL students, regardless of support system, circumstances or background to walk them from wondering who they are – to having hope – to creating an executable plan for how they are going to get from where they are to the career they are mean to have.

We ask questions, we develop solutions to problems, we test it with real people and either make it part of our model or go back to the drawing board. We don’t put anything out there that doesn’t work.

The student curriculum is made up of digitally delivered videos, worksheets, homework and resources that certified coaches can use with their students every week.

The program is 16 weeks long and usually delivered in a 45-minute to one-hour class or meeting. The students will have assignments to complete every week.

The curriculum is divided into three parts: “Who Am I?”, “Where Do I Belong?” and “How Do I Get There?”.

In the first phase students research their own personality types, learning styles and values. Additionally, they learn about emotional intelligence and communication. At the end of this phase a student is able to tell someone who they are, why, and what circumstances suit them best.

In the second phase, students begin to assess their interests and research the kinds of roles, industries and fields those interests are valued in. At the end of this phase a student is able to share what they are most interested in, why and give several examples of where those opportunities exist in the world. They have a “hypothesis” of what they want, what it looks like and the best circumstances for themselves.

In the last phase, students learn and practice soft-and-communication skills by testing their “hypothesis” out in the real world – with real people who have roles similar to what they think they want. They research the education needs, opportunities and where they can find the best options. They create a step-by-step plan for how to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for the role they want – a personal roadmap.

Each step of the way, the student “audits” their findings against the reality of the research they have already completed. This way, the student is 100% responsible for the work and the results – and what we have found is there is more buy-in because the student has reached all of the conclusions themselves./p>

The process begins with a staff member completing the application process.

Certification training is delivered in Chicago, IL and is a 5-day, intensive program. At the end of training, the new HSE Coach will be fully equipped to guide students through the entire process.

After completing training, Coaches are supported through our ongoing education and Coach Community.

*We are currently accepting applications for our June 2017 cohort. For more information about applying, please use the contact form below!*

The community building provides one of the biggest assets to students and organizations.

We provide information, training and materials for organizations to create win-win relationships with individual community members and businesses.

Individuals can volunteer to meet with students for informational interviews and networking meetings (training materials provided) so that students can practice their communication skills as well as test their hypothesis with real people who already live in the world they want to work in.

Businesses can be involved in the program by offering opportunities for employees to help the students in the same way individuals can, as well as mentoring if they so choose. Additionally, businesses can develop and offer students internships and other job-shadow opportunities.

In this model, the community at large is involved in student success, while at the same time gaining valuable, skilled and educated employees and individual community members!

We have found that not only are employers anxious to find access to skilled employees – but sometimes they are not able to provide enough training on their own. We have also found that educational institutions would love to increase enrollment and retention – but aren’t always sure of the best way to approach students.

This program trains your organization how to develop relationships with local educational institutions in order to partner with businesses to create programs based on real need.

This program provides the how-to for organizations that work with students to be the connector between employer needs and educational opportunities.

In addition to everything else, we provide materials for administrators to use for program management.

Administrators and Coaches are able to work together to determine if the program is working, if not, why not, and what they need to change to get back on track.

As always, we are here to provide ongoing support, updates and new information as we continue to work “in the trenches” and learn about the latest needs and opportunities.

Right now we are developing videos and online materials for the student curriculum in order for Coaches to have the latest information, best access the ability to track student progress.

We are testing our improved and extended Certification program with teachers and counselors and tweaking it to deliver the most information in the shortest period of time. We are also creating an online community for Certified Coaches so they can share information, findings and success stories.

We are finalizing packaging for the Community Building, Post-secondary and Program Management materials – including ready-to-use marketing materials to share at events, on your website and in the local news!

We have worked to create a pricing structure that works for organizations of all sizes and used technology to create products that are economical as well as cutting-edge.

The cost structure contains an annual licensing fee that provides access to all of our training and materials, as well as updates and support. In addition, your organization will have access to your own user portal, branded to your specifications, where students and staff can log in and use the materials as well as save work.

Certification is per-staff member and includes the 5-day training, ongoing support, updates and access to the Coach Community.

There is a small per-student fee that allows each student an individual log-in as well as provides the staff and administration access to tracking software to watch student progress.

We try to deliver as much value as possible while delivering our material on what is essentially a sliding scale. The final cost depends on the number of Certified Coaches you have in your organization and the number of students you have use the program per year.

Please use the form below to share your specific needs and we’ll work with you to determine your customized cost.

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